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PUB/Room Hire

Hire a room or even the whole pub for your birthday parties, music or comedy gigs etc. Free PA & DJ equipment… it’s a DIY party waiting to happen!

Open Mic Comedy

Comedy nights at The Bush are the stuff of legend! Many of the top stars of today and tomorrow began their comedic journeys here.

Open Mic Music

If music be the food of love, play on. Come and see the stars of the future and tell everyone where you saw them first.

arts thursdays

Every Thursday The Holly Bush hosts a wealth of artistic talent. Comedy, spoken word, poetry, acting and music in a warm, suportive envinronment.

Bushfest 2017 line up

thurs 20th to sun 23rd july.
PLEASE NOTE–EARLY START TIMES ON FRIDAY 7PM SATURDAY 3PM, SUNDAY 2PM KINVER REAL ALE SERVED! ADMISSION FREE TO this line up of professional, semi professional,local established and new acts–but please bring some spare cash to make donations at the end of performances if you have enjoyed the semi pro/pro shows.

Thurs-8pm-compere DAVE DINSDALE
hannah silvester
rik caranza
matthew williams
matt hollins
bob gessey TBC
winter foenander TBC

Fri-7pm-compere “count evil” (PAUL PALMER)
7-8 comp show–fran doyle,donna scott,richard quarmby
8-9 graham milton-EDINBURGH PREVIEW SHOW
9-930 comp show charley fellows(TBC),sully o’shea,av singh
930-1030 phil pagget EDINBURGH PREVIEW SHOW
1030-11 comp show mo haroon,kameron khan
11-1130 masai graham EDINBURGH PREVIEW SHOW

Sat-2pm- compere SEAN TAYLOR
2pm ALEX LOVE-“how to win a pub quiz” award winning EDINBURGH PREVIEW SHOW
3-4 “gameshow devil”(paul savage alexander bennett) EDINBURGH PREVIEW SHOW
4-6 hollywood show with rich burley,sham zaman,mathew taylor,andy masters,chris cutler,rod pember,david mitchell,eric rushton(chortle student award finalist)
6pm till close compere JIMMY FRINTON
6-7 johnny sorrow and the man in the balaclava(not tbm)
7-730 alexander bennett EDINBURGH PREVIEW SHOW
730-8 pat gallagher PRO/SEMI PRO CLUB SET 8-9 ian cognito PRO/SEMI PRO CLUB SET
9-930 mark cram PRO/SEMI PRO CLUB SET
945-1015 chris purchase-green PRO/SEMI PRO CLUB SET
1030-11 dave tomlinson PRO/SEMI PRO CLUB SET
11-1130 jack shanick
1145-1245 roger swift TBC EDINBURGH PREVIEW SHOW

Sun-3pm till 11pm comperes TONY BARRETT AND “the boys from the all night chemist”
3pm compilation show with trisha timpson(peter tiswas thomas),dan gallagher(TBC),james norton, 410 mike o’callaghan 20mins 5-6 milo mccabe EDINBURGH PREVIEW SHOW 6-7 mickey sharma EDINBURGH PREVIEW SHOW 7pm TBC 8-840 jay handley EDINBURGH PREVIEW SHOW 9-10 paul savage EDINBURGH PREVIEW SHOW 10-11 comp show- BILLY MCGUIRE compere-dean smith karl adams,jurgen germanTBC, BILLY MCGUIRE CLOSE FEST

Bushfest 2017

BUSHFEST 2017 - The world's smallest comedy festival! 20th - 23rd July 2017... 4 days of FREE Comedy!! Featuring headline acts Milo McCabe, Ian Cognito, Masai Graham and Mickey Sharma, plus dozens of experienced and fledgling comedians. In association with Blue...
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Fantastic Line-Up Alert!!

Comedy at The Bush relaunches on Thursday 11th May at 8:30pm prompt! On the bill: Gareth Berliner Al Rudge Ben Briggs Stephen BigBear Dodd Colin Harris Tim 'Woody' Woodfield Hayley Casey Rik Carranza Shaun Rolls ...and your MC: Bush legend Dave Dinsdale The relaunch...
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Comedy this Saturday!!

Andy McBurney and Jack Kirwan host a quality night of comedy this Saturday, 6th May 2017. Book a seat early to avoid disappointment: only £6!
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Oxjam Music Festival

The Oxjam Music festival comes to The Bush this Saturday. All welcome! Starts at 2pm
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Thursday Is Arts Day

Thursday nights at the Holly Bush are Arts nights.

A mix of open mic comedy, spoken word, poetry, raw writing / play read throughs and original music.

Come and join in, or enjoy watching creative juices flow in a warm, supportive environment.

Comedy Shows

The Holly Bush has hosted a regular comedy night since 2006 and hundreds of comedians began their journey stood in front of the purple curtain.

Local TV comedian Joe Lycett started at The Bush. Pro comic Gary Delaney even performed at The Bush once… to Dave Francis (landlord), Dave Dinsdale and a bloke with a dog! We have seen comedians grow and become professional club circuit stars. They all come back to The Bush to try out new material.


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